Excel training workshop – Pivot table for controller and analyst

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6 heures (9h à 16h)
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This training was specifically developed for CPA working in companies within the finance and accounting department. Our Excel training was developed with the tasks and responsibilities of these professionals in mind. PivotTables (PT) are interactive tables that allow the user to group and synthesize large amounts of data in a concise table format. Using PT, you will be able to drill data interactively. After this training, you will be able to master all the options available to you. You will be able to customize it and ensure the integrity of your data.
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  • Introduction
  • Start the PivotTables Wizard
    • Creating a table
    • Creating the pivot table
  • Display mode
  • PivotTables options
    • Layout and formatting
    • Totals and filters
    • Viewing
    • Impression
    • Data
    • Replacement text
  • Grouping data
    • Date
    • Number
  • Filtering data
    • Inside the PivotTable
    • With the use of segments and chronological segments
  • Formatting PivotTables
    • Parameters of the values fields
    • Field settings
    • Layout and printing
  • Custom Calculated Fields Preprogrammed Calculated Fields (14)
    • Custom Formatting
    • Color
    • Conditional formatting
    • Spacing
  • Pivot charts
Target clientele This training is intended for participants who have no experience with PT or current users who want to demystify some


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